This blogging business

I am new to blogging and so, it seems are some of my friends. So this post is to share my very limited knowledge with those of you who may have even less…

Following the blog: if you go to the bottom right of this page, there is a little black thing saying ‘follow’. If you click this, you can enter your email address and you will get an email whenever I put up a new post.

Commenting on a post: if you look to the left of this text, where the date for the post is, you will see another number in a little quote bubble. It tells you the number of comments on the post. Click on it to read any comments or to put one up yourself. The comments get sent to me first for me to approve (!). Once they go up then they are visible to everyone, not just me.

If you click on About (in tiny letters) at the top of the page, you get to a page about me and why I am writing this blog.

Clicking on Home (at top) shows you all the posts I have put up.

One thought on “This blogging business

  1. I’ve just signed up to follow your blog. It’s the first time I’ve followed any blog so it’s an experiment for me too! Do post pictures of the new house up so we can try to imagine you in your very different new environment!

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