Goodbye, at last, for real


Goodbye to this street. Any minute now we will drive off – removal men gone already.


And goodbye to the alley at the end of the street, and the allotments (not ours) that are like a secret garden on the other side of the alley, and the park a little way on. I love all this pedestrian space just seconds from the house; but I’m heading for more space, more light and air….


Goodbye and thank you, very kind friends, for last minute help.

Goodbye park, goodbye street, goodbye rain.

Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye


2 thoughts on “Goodbye, at last, for real

  1. Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye dear friend. What a perfect day to leave Manchester – in the driving rain,dark and damp. I thought I would leave a comment on your blog (though have never done this before) in case you get discouraged if none of your friends respond and then stop writing such engaging and evocative stuff. In any case we need to find new ways for friendship. I expect you will have arrived now and are surrounded by boxes and chaos, but not hemmed in any longer.

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