Why do they do that?

By which I mean, why do people plant leylandii hedges? I don’t wonder when I see an isolated house out on the fens: the square of tall conifers marking the boundary and providing a necessary windbreak. But, boy, do I wonder why in a village garden where you could just put up a fence for privacy or shelter.


Here are the stumps of ones cut down by daughter’s partner (see the wheels on the bus post). We’ve now felled another stretch along the back. They were planted by the people before the people we bought the house from; and they have been nicely kept, trimmed and dense with no brown straggly bits. But still, not what you want surrounding the beautiful, productive kitchen garden I have in my mind’s eye.


Here are the ones still to come down. I’m told some birds like to nest in them, so we’ll leave them now until the end of the summer, much though it pains me. There are quite a few pretty trees at the southern end of the garden – once the leylandii are gone, we’ll be able to see how much shade the nice trees cast!


And here is one pile of trees and branches to be cut up and moved. Apparently the wood burns well once seasoned: how satisfying it will be to watch them sizzle of a winter evening! What a vandal I am.

Think of us slaving away / having fun over the next few days.

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