Spot the dog

imageCan you see a long-legged, tan-coloured lurcher in this picture? Nope? Me neither.

This is the view I was looking at for some time on Sunday, while calling and waving my arms like a lunatic. We thought it would be nice to take dogs out for a different walk; set off on grassy footpath past fields full of bunny rabbits and a small sewage works, up onto the banks of one of the long, straight drains which run through the fenland fields.

Lovely sun, clear sky, long views over the land; then off goes naughty Doris the lurcher, hops across the drain and speeds off into the distance, at least three fields away and doesn’t come back for ages.

She’s part Saluki, we were told by the rescue place; and it shows. Like Greyhounds and Afghans, Salukis are called sighthounds or, in the past, ‘gaze-hounds’; domesticated thousands of years ago, they were used for hunting by sight and speed in wide open spaces like deserts.

Certainly Doris’s gaze is always on far horizons; on crows in a field, a plane in the sky. Fortunately, this time she didn’t see all the way over to the smallholding we found later, with all the chickens running loose…

Have to find a different walk next time.

4 thoughts on “Spot the dog

  1. My Finn used to be a free spirit as well… however I learned from him that he will always find me… maybe that is the case with your dog as well… it took a good bit of trust letting him roam about by himself and over time he got more aware of the distance… might I just loosely throw in here… πŸ™‚

    1. I think Doris would always find us, but it’s a bit of a risk letting her out of sight in farmland – there’s a lot of space in this part of England, but it’s mostly agricultural, not wild, with small farms around with chickens and other small animals – where she could be quite a nuisance.
      Thanks for commenting. Was going to check out your blog, but I can only read German a tiny little bit!

      1. Thank you for having a look – however my blog is in English… it is just Finn’s site that is in German… the pics speak their own language though – don’t you think… Must read up where in UK you are… know your country quite well… if I may say so… geographically at least and can say that I met some very nice people over there… though I will never got used to drinking cider… πŸ™‚

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