At the farmers’ market

Friends from Manchester will remember that we used to buy our meat from the farmers’ markets in Piccadilly and Chorlton, most of it from brilliant Savin Hill Farm in the Lyth Valley in Cumbria. Other favourites were Mrs Kirkham’s Lancashire at Piccadilly and Winter Tarn Organic Farm at Chorlton Green.

We miss them, but are happy to have another farmers’ market on the doorstep – once a month at Sleaford, the town five miles away from Heckington. The above photos are of stalls I visited there this morning. This being a farming area, the stallholders are almost all from Lincolnshire; producers at the Manchester market travel from as far as the north of Cumbria. Talking to farmers reminds me just how hard they work to produce food for the rest of us to eat.

Mount Pleasant Windmill (see first picture) is one of several working windmills in the county – along with our own local one (Heckington Windmill); I think they are brilliant, amazing things to have around us here.

Not surprisingly, I heard several jokes today about ‘only beef here.’ No one selling horse though; ostrich, but not horse.

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