Some things about using this blog

This is a post giving a bit of information about finding your way around this blog. I know that many of my friends were not readers of blogs before I started this one; and so have taken a while to get used to it.

1) Tags
Each post has a list of tags, in orange text, at the bottom of the post. If you tap (or click with a mouse) on one of these, you will get all the other posts with the same tag – I.e. if you tap ‘trains’ you will get all the posts that include some mention of trains.

2) Tag Cloud
If you scroll down to the bottom of the whole page, you find a collection of all the tags I have used, called the Tag Cloud. You can tap on any of these, as above, to get all the posts with that tag.

3) Recent Posts and Blog Archive
Also at the bottom of the page, alongside the Tag Cloud, are a list of recent posts which you can tap/click on, plus a list of each month since I started writing, with the number of posts written in that month.

If you don’t want to scroll through lots of posts, you can just tap/click on the title of the post you are looking at – you will then get a page with only that post on, plus all the bits mentioned above at the end of the page.

4) External links
When something in the text of the post is highlighted in orange, it means it is a link either to one of my previous posts, or to an external website.

Thus, tapping/clicking on This blogging business takes you to an earlier post I wrote about finding your way around the blog.

And these are some examples of external links I have included in previous posts:

Heckington Windmill – website for the mill
Woodlands Organic Farm – the people we get our veg box from
Saltfleetby-Theddlethorpe Dunes – beautiful marshy nature reserve
Jill Fanshawe Kato – a potter I like
Savin Hill Farm and Winter Tarn Organic Farm – two farms we used to buy meat and cheese from, with stalls at Chorlton Green and Piccadilly farmers’ markets.

Watch out for more external links and go visit the websites, if you have time to spare!

Ho hum, the sun was shining when I started writing this. Now there is a blizzard outside and I have yet to walk round to the shops. And my mum is coming to see me for the night and it looks as she will be having a horrible drive from Cambridge. Oh, I have had enough of this winter! Lovely spring bulbs coming up all over the garden; just need a bit of spring weather to go with them.

2 thoughts on “Some things about using this blog

  1. You’re certainly right about the weather; if “The hounds of Spring are on Winter’s traces” then they are probably huskies!

  2. Absolutely. I was hoping by now to have shed my warm but ridiculous woolly hat. Now will just have to hope that when I can at last stop wearing it, shopkeepers and others in the village will not recognise the odd looking woman who has been wandering round the village all winter, but will treat me as an entirely new neighbour, customer etc.

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