Not the Irvine Walsh novel, nor yet the film; just yours truly at the end of a platform at Doncaster (en route to see daughter in Manchester), surrounded by serious blokes with cameras, all of us jockeying for best position to take pics of a steam train going past. It was a fine sight. I was too slow with the iPad to get a good view of the engine, but here’s the rest of her on her way out of the station.

My first video post – hope it works for you.

I have found a page about trainspotting with a picture of the same old train, I think, called ‘Queen of Scots’, taken in 1962. Have a look here – you have to scroll quite a way down the page – I liked reading about the amazing electric table lamps which I saw through the carriage windows and which you can just see in the video if you pay attention.

4 thoughts on “Trainspotting

  1. Lovely! I think it’s the sound – more than the sight – that seems most evocative of the past to me. That’s how trains should sound.

  2. Photos of lincolnshire bring back so many mixed memories…especially the seaside. We used to go to a place called Sandilands, further north, just south of Mablethorpe. memories of racing down to the sea through squelching, oozing mud and worm casts. Memories of swimming in brown sea, but with amazing waves.Memories of shell collecting and catching shrimps in rock pools. Memories of beaches which changed between visits, moulded by waves and winds.

  3. Oh! Those were the days…notebook and pencil, runny nose, sitting on a fence watching trains chuffing by – memories! If you waved to the driver he’d give you a toot on his whistle. Most obliging…

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