Gibraltar Point

We walked today at Gibraltar Point nature reserve, just south of Skegness, at the top corner of the Wash. Lots of sand dunes and sea buckthorn and a favourite place for migrating birds in spring and autumn. The sky was grey and dull right up until we were ready to get into the campervan and set off home again.

These were boats and jetties on Steeping River which begins life as the river Lymm, rising in the Wolds, changing its name as it arrives in the marshes inland from Skegness and the coast. It passes by Wainfleet All Saints, once an important medieval port but now some way from the sea.

The tide was going out by the time we saw these boats and it was hard to imagine boats going out on this river and into the Wash. There seemed to be more mud than water.

This part of the coast is expanding, with land being eroded further north at places like Scarborough, then dumped here; a real land-grab.

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One thought on “Gibraltar Point

  1. Hi I do enjoy your posts & decided to start replying without full updates etc!     What all those photos of boats & no dunes or sea buckthorn! I can’t reciprocate, I’ve hardly held a camera for ages! I’ll     I will, however, send a few links & responses as come to mind – here’s one, I love PFAF who say alot about this plant & I also love the Weleda handcream see Do you think it’d be worth planting in the city?       I look forward to talking at a not too distant time! lots of love from Jane xx  

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