South Kyme via Ferry Lane

I took my bike out in brilliant sunshine yesterday, up to a village called South Kyme (see Monochrome post from back in the winter, one of our very first walks in the area).

I stopped for my first photos by the River Slea, on Ferry Lane, near Ferry Farm – maybe there was a ferry here once…

South Kyme church was once part of a large Augustinian priory founded in the twelfth century. Nearby is Kyme Tower (see link above for picture) which is all that is left of a fourteenth century castle.

The cows are Dexters, a small, slow-growing breed, rather shaggy and nice-looking; but these ones were too far away for me to talk to.

After cows and church, three miles on road shared with too many lorries, then home on the fen road, Littleworth Drove (see A walk on
Star Fen)
, glowing with exercise, virtue or both.

3 thoughts on “South Kyme via Ferry Lane

  1. oh, veronica, you live in one of those beautiful english idylls that we, down here, can only dream about (well, apart from the citrus that i cannot live without). i’m so pleased you found my blog as its brought me to your beautiful space. thank you.

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