Of Wolds and wildflowers


We spent yesterday out with the Heckington Gardening Club on a visit to Red Hill Nature Reserve, in the Wolds, the hilly bit of Lincolnshire. We had a walk and a talk with a very enthusiastic and knowledgeable man from Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust. I think he would have gone on finding new wildflower species for us to look at until well into the summer evening, if we had had the energy to follow him.

I loved seeing wild plants that I recognise from their cultivated relatives that live in gardens and allotments; and all the different grasses, their swaying, seedy heads like a mist over the surface of the meadow where we walked. But it was hard not to feel sad about the species that are being lost, here and all over the world, and the knowledge that disappears with them. Now just have to work out which small bit of the garden can be turned into a wildflower meadow…

Lots of birdsong and butterflies as well – lovely. Pictures not mine today, but partner’s, for which he has my thanks.


2 thoughts on “Of Wolds and wildflowers

  1. I’ve been feeling much the same. On my walks I see so many lovely ‘weeds’ it seems really arbitrary that some are classified as good plants while others consigned to be pulled up and destroyed when they are so pretty.

  2. Thank you for the post, Veronica. I’m glad you have discovered the wildflowers of Lincolnshire as I did when I moved from densely populated Sussex in 2009. Conserving our wildflowers is vital to the health of our environment – and preserves our heritage too. Here’s a link to http://www.lifeontheverge.org.uk to find out more about how local volunteers are helping to save Lincolnshire’s fading wildflowers. P.S. Don’t forget to check out Red Hill again in early September for the Autumn gentian!

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