Shropshire Union

I write this sitting in the campervan in the dark, something over 100 miles due west of Heckington. We’re parked at a marina beside the Shropshire Union Canal: very English, very rural but different to the landscape we left this afternoon. This is border country; green hills and mists of Wales beckon, instead of cold marshes and bracing winds.

A nice surprise at the pub tonight was a gig by a young singer-songwriter called Heidi Browne (www.heidibrowne.co.uk). Her dad sang I Can’t Stand the Rain, but I love it against the van windows. It’s a tiny campsite and we’re in the car park, but walking to the toilet block in the rain and the dark, it is every campsite I’ve ever stayed on and my spirits lift.

I remember this feeling of freedom, expansion, contentment from every year that we used to camp in France when family were younger. Now I have it when I walk down the garden or to the garage, or to the field with the dog. Now I wonder how I didn’t know how much I craved outdoor space; or how, knowing it, I let myself live without it for so long.

When my two-year old granddaughter visits, the first thing she does on coming downstairs in the morning is run to the back door and try to open it. ‘Outside! Outside!’ she cries. I know just how she feels.

Audlem Wharf

3 thoughts on “Outside

  1. Thats so funny I sat in ours last night and wrote my post after having a meal in the pub that you can overnight on…..mind you we were only 22 miles away from home, but we like to visit the pub for meal and it a nice not to have to drive back and of course we can both have a drink. I know what you mean about the outside, I work all day and as soon as I get home, I’m straight out in the garden to breath and check the chickens 🙂

  2. There really is a great joy from being outside isn’t there? I had a lovely eight mile stroll in the New Forest yesterday and sitting on a tree stump at the half way point with birds is going and dappled sun coming through the canopy of trees made my heart sing 🙂

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