Beauty, peace and engineering

Here are some more pictures from our recent trip along the beautiful Shropshire Union and Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canals. I resisted the temptation to post another video, this time of the boat slowly catching up with some pedestrians on the towpath.

Canal trips have some of the things I like most about England: lovely countryside, birds and waterside plants and amazing engineering. Locks are wonderful pieces of work. Some stretches of the northern canals are particularly amazing: I can never get my head round why anyone thought of taking boats and water over the Pennines.

There is something exciting, as in a children’s story, about seeing the world from a different angle, as you do from the water. A different pace, a different perspective: I come home refreshed.

One thought on “Beauty, peace and engineering

  1. One of our most enjoyable holidays ever was on a narrow boat – I agree it is a wonderful way to see the beauty of the English countryside. Thanks for the post it brought back many happy memories.

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