Not-so-wild swimming

I love swimming outdoors. I am a bit of a wimp though, about the fish, weed, mud that may lurk in rivers and lakes – not a wild swimmer at all. So what I really, really love is an outdoor pool. Through many years of family holidays in France, I always found us a campsite with a pool. Every morning I would be there, ploughing up and down in the water, amid birdsong, pine trees, scents of rosemary and lavender.

So imagine my delight when I found found that Heckington has its own tiny, outdoor, community swimming pool. At the Ladies Swim yesterday evening I watched rays of the setting sun fall on tree tops and the church tower; I heard birds singing and was transported back to a favourite Provençal hillside with lavender and views of vineyards.

Walking home in the twilight I felt contented beyond measure. Today I have been thinking about moments of joy in my old life back in Manchester, moments of sunlight through trees and the company of lovely friends. I used to feel anxious even as I felt happy, afraid of the joy passing and the gloom returning.

Here in this new life, in this still-new-to-us village, there is plenty to worry about (money, work, family… all the usual things), but something else is different. When a brilliant moment comes, I no longer fear its passing; I know another one will be along in a while.

Last Ladies Swim of the season next Monday. Looking forward to it already. I like it here.

6 thoughts on “Not-so-wild swimming

  1. How lovely – discovered there’s an outdoor pool at Helmsley which is a very slow 25 miles away. Not managed to get in the sea this year – the hardy Ruth of yesteryear has gone missing x

  2. We don’t have an outdoor pool any more in Southampton but your post brought back a wonderful memory of lazing in a pool in the inner courtyard of a little riad in Morocco. What I wouldn’t give for a courtyard like that…

  3. I really fancy the idea of wild swimming but I had a bad experience in a lake some years ago – I swear something very large swam under me and stalked me…I’ll stick to pools. I’m pleased you are able to enjoy such moments.

  4. Ugh, that is the sort of thing I always imagine is going to happen in a lake or in the sea. Sea swimming is of course lovely, but I do have to make big effort not to think about large fishy monsters which might be lurking in it. I have a bit of a fish phobia – has taken me most of my adult life even to get used to eating them!

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