Woodlands Organic Farm

We went on a farm walk at Woodlands Organic Farm the other day. I’ve mentioned them a couple of times before – the people we were getting a veg box from before we had our own food from the garden (Vegetable Stories and On my bike).

Woodlands is in the fens near Boston, a mixed farm growing vegetables and raising livestock. We saw cattle, chickens, pigs and turkeys – all good fun. Partner’s big interest is vegetables and luckily we were allowed to wander off to the market garden and admire the serried ranks of lettuces and polytunnels full of peppers and tomatoes.

I love cattle. My childhood bedroom faced onto a field of cows, so close that on summer nights I fell asleep to the rhythmic sound of them munching grass, comforting as waves breaking on a shore.

I like these young Lincoln Red cattle, so glossy, energetic and curious as they are; I wish they didn’t exist only so we could eat them. I probably should be vegetarian – but I’m not.

I find much to bemoan in how our food is produced, in the challenges faced by farmers and especially by those who want to farm organically, sustainably, humanely. So a day like this one, seeing an organic farm in the flesh, as it were, was cheering and inspiring.

And our lunchtime soup was nice too.

3 thoughts on “Woodlands Organic Farm

  1. Great post and photos (as always), I love the Lincoln Reds as well. I used to work at Riseholme just outside of Lincoln which used to have a herd and I loved to watch them on my lunch breaks.
    Is Woodlands the one that offers home delivery on their veggies? You can’t beat organic farming, surely this is the only way farming will survive in future? I hope so anyway.

    1. Yes, Woodlands deliver weekly veg boxes and also a range of other things besides – their own beef and lamb, bread, organic olive oil and pasta from Italy, game (frozen). Really enjoyed pheasant and partridge from them.

  2. The case for organic farming seems so obvious to me but I’m not sure that lots of people understand it well. I hope it is the future, but fear there many things militating against that.
    And thanks for comment. Have to confess these pics are by partner, not me. I could have put up several more of the Lincoln Reds, but this was the best.

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