Going home with Glory

Today I have been mostly hanging out at a sheep shearing, with the Gotland sheep mentioned in an earlier post (Wool Country) who live in the hamlet of Burton Pedwardine, two miles from Heckington.

Gotland fleece is great for felting and spinning and this flock includes some Shetland/Gotland crosses whose wool is being spun in the picture above. I saw a wonderful range of colours today: bright snow-white fleeces, others dark underneath and creamy-brown on top; one fleece coming off the sheep looked like a heap of coal, it was so black and lustrous.

Most of the sheep have names. This year’s lambs all begin with ‘G’, sounding like a roll-call from ancient myth or testament: (Gideon, Gabriel, Grendel, Gaia). And there was Grayling, the fetching sheep whose picture I took on my last visit, and Glory, with a delicious dark fleece. Each fleece is bagged up separately with its name on it and almost all are sold long before they come off the sheep.

I’m looking forward to making felt again with this lovely wool. I came home tired and happy, with Glory on the bike behind me.

3 thoughts on “Going home with Glory

  1. Dear sheep & wool lover,   I reckon you should (have) read Barbara Kingsolver’s Flight Behaviour. Isn’t it beautifully written on shepherding and sheep behaviour as well as scientists’ and butterfly’s behaviour?    (it is) I love her fiction – this one & Prodigal Summer are as good as Poisonwood Bible.   I hope you enjoy the felt-making and consequent art/garment/cosies or whatever it could become; somehow I can best imagine the cosies you might make for some of your most beloved pots! My love & best wishes to you & yours Janie xx


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