Happy Blog Birthday

From the park
This was one of my favourite views back where I used to live in Manchester; and this photo of it was taken this time last year. Coming home through Chorlton Park, I would look through trees to little rows of little houses running down to allotments and the park.

For a few seconds home looked like part of somewhere greener, smaller, without the surrounding acres of buildings, cars and people.

More photos taken back in December 2012 are on the Facebook page.

Now home is marked by the church tower seen across flat fields, sometimes from miles away. It is very strange to read my first post, written one year ago today, written when we were making ready to move but had no idea what the new place would be like.

It was a planned move, a long-desired move, but a step into the unknown for all that.

I stepped into a new life and found myself at home.

6 thoughts on “Happy Blog Birthday

  1. Hey, home to home. I hope you keep on bloggin. Although a mainly publicly unresponsive follower, you know I have secretly enjoyed your atmospheric missals.

  2. Do you know, I don’t think I read your first few posts a year ago. But I do recognise so much your ambivalence about this city, as we’ve talked about before. So much of my growing up has been done here, in this place that isn’t mine. In fact it’s the longest I’ve lived anywhere in my life. Once it represented escape from what felt like an intolerable home situation, then it was new horizons, new people, new ideas, a chance to find out what I was really made of. It’s been different cities to me over the past twenty or so years, with different strata of friendships and neighbourhoods over time. It has depressed me and excited me in equal measure. Currently we are reconciled to each other and I feel quite affectionate towards it. Life is interesting here. But one day, who knows, a wider landscape… Until then, a little vicarious rural living will have to do.

  3. Happy blog birthday! I think I’ve been to Chorley Park when visiting friends over there. I like Manchester city centre, it’s a great place.
    Life changes, you never know what’s around the next corner. It’s nice to feel a contrast of the two. I used to live down South, near London so when I came to Lincs I just fell in love with the space, the huge skies and all the little villages (some have less than planning permission sought than others by the look of things though!) I love the internal county contrasts as well of say Lincoln to Skegness or Bourne to Grimsby, it’s all very unique!

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