Food and friendship revisited

This time last year, when we were leaving, I spent a lot of time looking back over my time in Manchester. I don’t keep a diary, but my nearest thing to one is my cookery notebook, as described in this, my second blog post, Of food, feasts and friendship.

The party I talked of there was our last in our Manchester house, but we didn’t do the cooking as we were packing up to move. Friends brought the food, which was nice, but strangely this means that I haven’t written it down in the notebook. I know what we ate at our first Manchester party on 22nd December 1990, but I can’t remember for sure the date of our leaving party in December 2012 (or was it still November?).

Recently I have heard of the death of a friend’s mother and a friend’s father, both very striking people in very different ways; and also people I’ve not seen for many, many years. It is only this evening, in another retrospective session with the notebooks, that I find I cooked for both of them in 1981. Is this an odd way to commemorate people?

I can’t help but look back, to Manchester and beyond, as the anniversary of our moving approaches. When I was doing the same this time last year- and trying to imagine myself in the new life to come – I said that I wouldn’t miss Manchester the city, but I would miss my friends. And that has turned out to be exactly right.

2 thoughts on “Food and friendship revisited

  1. We miss you too. I ate at Liz’z on Saturday night and couldn’t help thinking of you, remembering times around the large table with cups of coffee. it’s great that she’s carrying on the tradition.Enjoy the countryside.

  2. Dear Veronica, I miss you too, even though we spent little time together over your last years in Manchester. I’m still in the process of re-connecting & adjustment from having worked so hard and having a lot of family responsibilities for so long. I recently spoke to Yvonne (Parker) my other Lincolnshire friend (she was the graphic designer in our health promotion unit when you & I worked together a lot) & I do intend to visit you both in the not too distant future. I did enjoy your farewell party and seem to remember bringing a not too sweet cake, maybe ginger as I did make a lot of them last year (this year I’m making more apple cakes as I have an abundance). I know Linda brought a dark ginger cake and cheese as I discovered that they go very well together – I’d never done this before, despite often seeing Conway put cheese with marmalades/ginger preserves into his fav sandwiches! I’d like to keep in touch with her (Linda Goodacre) - sometime when you’re both here in the old city come have a cake/snacks/meal with me & run your dogs around my local parks?  I guess I’ll see some of the same folk eg Frances & Greg at a live cast of Mandiba’s funeral, where will you be? lots of love from Janie xxx


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