Travelling Light

Morning train

These are last week’s pictures of my train journey to Doncaster: the train at Heckington in grey morning light and then the view of fields and the sun coming up, seen from the train window.

I had been feeling a bit lost and disconnected for a few days, worried about work and money, uncertain about the future: perhaps suffering from a sense of anti-climax after passing the first anniversary of moving here.

But my spirits rose waiting at the station in the half light. Then, travelling while the sun came up, noticing sunrise being a little earlier, I felt excited and full of hope, my steps lighter. Nothing had changed except the sun had risen, just as it does every morning, every dawn. But perhaps every new dawn has a bit of magic in it.

Sunrise on the tracks

5 thoughts on “Travelling Light

  1. I’ll try and keep this in mind every morning. I think there’s a reason a lot of rituals take place at sunrise, it does feel like the cusp between the old and the new.

    1. I have always loved dawn / early morning. As a child I used to get up before everyone else and go out in the garden and it always felt magical. I laughed when I got up this morning however, at my cheery words of last night – since we are surrounded by grey mist and rain and the sun is not visible at all! Still, I think there is something about the returning light each morning – as at the turn of the year in midwinter – making a promise that life goes on and giving a sense of hope, perhaps for nothing in particular other than feeling or being alive.
      As I went to bed last night after posting, I thought of all the people in the world for whom waking to another day is unbearable and wondered if that made a nonsense of what I had written. But I don’t think it does. Also it makes me think of how we only have the light because we have darkness, but more of that some other time.

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