People and places, revisited

Today is the second anniversary of starting this blog. I am re blogging two earlier posts – first, this one, written nearly a year ago when I was looking back and thinking about our first year here.

Just now I should be cleaning some leeks, in preparation for a leek tart for a party on Sunday. We had a party this time last year – and felt a bit daring as we only just knew enough people to invite. I remember it as a lovely, cheerful day and am looking forward to this one, when a few more people will come. We will also be eating the Spiced Salt Beef that I talked about in a post called Sugar, Spice, Memory (

Flat Earth, Big Sky

Sunset in the winter garden

So I ponder this paradox: that I don’t love this city, find little beauty or joy in its many faces, and yet so many places in it remind me of love.

I wrote this a year ago today, two days before leaving Manchester.

These themes, of connection to place and connection to people have continued to preoccupy me in the past year while I have been writing this blog. Many people, I guess, though definitely not everyone will have a time in their life when they face this kind of split; when the people they love and the place where they feel at home are far apart.

As I have approached the anniversary of us moving here, I have been missing Manchester friends and family very much, both a wider group of people we had known over many years and a few, very close friends, and my daughter and…

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